Our Flavours

Get to know them!

Our recipes are design and produced inhouse, all of them are 100% vegan and inspired on Latin and Italian flavours. Our gelatos are prepared with our own homemade cashew milk. 

By now we have developed 16 recipes, and we will soon bring you more! Check out the photos.

Fresh Summer

Vegan raspberry lime ice cream.
Veganes Himbeere-Limetten Eis.

Oreo Cheesecake

Cashew milk based vegan oreo cheesecake ice cream.
Veganes Oreo-Käsekuchen-Eis auf Cashewmilchbasis.


Cashew milk based vegan chocolate ice cream.
Veganes Schokoladeneis auf Cashewmilchbasis.

8.8 Ananas

Vegan pineapple grenadine ice cream.
Veganes Ananas-Grenadin Eis.

Salty Peanut Butter

Vegan peanut ice cream with salt.
Veganes Erdnuss-Eis mit Salz.


Vegan coconut stracciatella ice cream.
Veganes Kokos-Stracciatella Eis.

Lima Basilikum

Vegan lime basil ice cream.
Veganes Limetten-Basilikum Eis.


Cashew milk based vegan vanilla ice cream.
Veganes Vanilleeis auf Cashewmilchbasis.


Vegan mango ice cream.
Veganes Mango Eis.

Black Mamba

Vegan bromberee mango ice cream.
Veganes Bromberee-Mango Eis.

cherry koko

Vegan coconut and sour cherry stracciatella ice cream. Veganes Kokos und Sauerkirsche-Stracciatella Eis.


Cashew milk based vegan pistachio ice cream.
Veganes Pistazieneis auf Cashewmilchbasis.

Matcha No Latte

Cashew milk based vegan matcha ice cream.
Veganes Matcha-Eis auf Cashewmilchbasis.

Banana Fiesta

Vegan banana ice cream with chocolate and caramel sauce. Veganes Bananen-Eis mit Schoko- und Karamellsoße.

Salted Caramel

Vegan caramel ice cream with cashew milk base.
Veganes Caramel-Eis auf Cashewmilchbasis.

Ginger wasabi sour

Vegan lemon ginger wasabi ice cream.
Veganes Zitronen-Ingwer-Wasabi Eis.


Cashew milk based vegan coffee ice cream (caffeine contents).
Veganes Kaffee-Eis auf Cashewmilchbasis (Koffeeinhalt).

Strawberry Punch

Vegan strawberry ice cream. Veganes Erdbeer Eis.