Our Team

Each member of our team has a different background and history, which is why we complement each other and create a positive synergy in pursuit of the same goal. 

Mathias Grosse

Chief Executive Officer

He holds diverse responsibilities among the company. He is the main point of communication with many of our stakeholders, he manages resources of the company and is in charge of many of the important daily activities. You will find him every day multitasking and serving great scoops of ice cream.

Javier Farina

Chief Technical Product Designer

Our Gelatier and recipe master. In 2019 he went to Bologna to be trained by italian experts and become a Gelatier. Apart from developing our amazing recipes and creating new products, he also runs his family business,  a well known pastry shop in Chile.

Rodrigo Escobar

Chief Operations Officer

He is the responsible for company operations. From getting in contact with our suppliers to gettting the best products and prices. He is also in charge production planning and making sure that all our costs are as efficient as possible, always keeping a strong focus on quality.  

Catalina Gonzalez

Chief Marketing Officer

She is the mind behind all our marketing activities, photos, online content and the business plan. She constantly searching for new ways to make our company known among the vegan community and Berlin people.