About Us

Our Story

Green Scoop was an born with the idea of creating a homemade quality product that would delight our curstomers in every single bite, reason why we decided to learn from the best exponents of the industry worldwide, the Italians.

Also, we where inspired by the idea of bringing closer to people the way of living and eating free of cruelty for the animals and prove that is possible to do it while eating in a delicious vegan way.

But we wanted to contribute to the environment and create value in a further way. Reason why we partnered up with the NGO Plant-for-the-planet to donate with every single ice cream to the purpose of reducing CO2 emissions by tree plantation and children enviromental education. Learn more about our partnership in the following section.

Jointly, all these three concepts build up the core of our business and brought to life our mission of becoming a source of inspiration for a greener world.